Social Media Management
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Social Media Management

Learn all the social media platforms and ways to manage them

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Achieve the Following Objectives Through This Course

  • Here is a list of job opportunities and average salary range (as per Indeed) 1. Social media intern National average salary: $12.50 per hour 2. Blogger National average salary: $13.45 per hour 3. Content curator National average salary: $15.80 per hour 4. Social media coordinator National average salary: $16.02 per hour 5. Social media specialist National average salary: $37,182 per year 6. Social media manager National average salary: $44,138 per year 7. Social media community manager National average salary: $44,232 per year 8. Marketing associate National average salary: $48,308 per year 9. Digital strategist National average salary: $64,198 per year 10. Brand manager National average salary: $71,787 per year 11. Digital project manager National average salary: $74,875 per year 12. Data analyst National average salary: $75,547 per year 13. Content strategist National average salary: $77,768 per year 14. Creative director National average salary: $107,934 per year

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Week 1

Please watch this video to get an understanding of social media.





Take this quiz and asses your knowledge to know how much do you know social media.





Would you like to know where this Social Media came from? What is the origin, history of Social Media and possibly where it is going towards? Please read this article to get good understanding of Socia Media evolution.




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Want to achieve financial freedom and work from ANYWHERE with an internet connection?

Anyone can do it. All it takes to get started is the motivation to learn.

Here's the thing...

You CAN be your own boss and run your own business - hundreds of thousands of people around the world make an extremely comfortable living by freelancing online.

We have been traveling non-stop for almost a year now, exploring the best parts of Europe, and living in a new Airbnb every month.

Don't you want a piece of that pie? Who wouldn't?

But here’s the issue…

Where do you start?

To us, the answer is simple - social media.

As social media platforms continue to grow, there are TONS of opportunities to get work as a freelance social media manager today.

Within a matter of weeks, you could be earning money online by managing social media accounts for small businesses - and we want to show you how.

By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to get started and grow FAST.

We’ll guide you through every step towards uncapped financial freedom as a freelance social media manager and business owner.

How incredible would your life would be if you could earn 6 figures a year, working from anywhere with an internet connection?

It all starts here. Inside the course, you’ll learn:

Everything you need to know about the major social media platforms (even if you have never used them before)

Why you should approach every platform differently (EVERYONE seems to get this wrong)

How to create awesome content for your clients (without wasting time and money)

The best tools to use as a social media manager (and step-by-step instructions on how to use them)

How to drive sales through social media (and create beautiful reports for your clients)

The fastest and most efficient ways to grow social media accounts and win thousands of followers

How to find your first client without harassing hundreds of people

When to start outsourcing your work and how to find your first assistant (so you can spend more time doing the things you love)

Little-known industry secrets for growing your business to 6 or 7 figures in annual revenue

Okay, that might sound great...

But why should you choose this course over another?

We actually do this for a living, earning 6 figures a year while traveling the world.

Absolutely everything is covered, from basic social media marketing and management to advanced growth tactics.

Start and grow your business as your progress through the course with the carefully planned assignments.


Get access to some super helpful resources such as email templates, checklists, contracts, client reports, and more.

Personal support - get your questions answered by working professionals.

High-quality information, all in one place. No more trawling the internet for reliable information.

Access anywhere, 24/7.

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Watch these two videos to learn about social media platforms.



Week 2

Hey class below is Pinterest. Having a content calendar is very important because it will allow you to be consistent with social media and help organize your post!

You can also download an APP on your phone for planning out content. However, Pinterest has some really good free guides you just need to create an account.

If you do not know what Pinterest is, please watch the video.

(239) Pinterest

(12) What is Pinterest and How Does Pinterest Work for Business, Bloggers and for Personal Accounts - YouTube





Watch both videos they are a little lengthy but they go over many great points if you want to become very successful at social media. I will ask you questions underneath. Both videos you must watch!

Please take notes!


Please read this article to learn on how to create content. 


How to Create Great Content: A Step-by-Step Guide to Content Marketing That Delivers Real Results |



Week 3

Freelancing sites where you can start performing the social media projects immediately and can start earning.




●Gain in-depth knowledge on business social media, marketing tactics, how to set social media goals, and most importantly, how to achieve them.

●Set up your own freelance business. Set up a website, set your prices, find clients and set up each client with their own social media goals, payment terms, and contract.

●Recognize which social media platforms are best for each client and their social media goals.

●Efficiently create and curate great content that gets results.

●Create blog posts, images, and videos.

●Create monthly reports showing clients in detail how you are achieving their social media goals.


●This course IS for anyone who wants to become financially independent.

●This course IS for anyone who wants to build a freelance social media management business.

●This course IS for anyone who already has social media accounts on several different platforms.

●This course IS for anyone who has a basic understanding of what works and what doesn’t work on social media.

● This course IS for anyone who wants to be self-employed.

●This course IS for anyone who wants to work from home.

●This course IS for anyone who wants to earn money while traveling.

●This course IS NOT for people seeking a get-rich-quick scheme.

●This course IS NOT for people who are confused by social media.

●This course IS NOT for people who don’t enjoy spending time on social media platforms.

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Week 4

Your social media handles should be unique and memorable. You are trying to build your own brand so people remember you and give you business. To understand the concept of brand and apply towards your success, please read this article.



These videos will speak on how to start a successful business with no money and how to build your social media brand!

Building a brand is very important to have anyone want to become attracted to you business.





There are many platforms and ways through which you can start making money on social media. Please watch the following videos to get an understanding on how to create your accounts on freelancing sites and how to make money through social media marketing. 







Please read this article to know the future of Social Media Management. 


The Future of Social Media Marketing: 11 Trends You Need to Know (



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