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Java Programming

Java was designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages. Java is object-oriented. This allows you to create modular programs and reusable code. The written code of Java application when compiled runs on most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. The Java syntax is similar to C++ but it is strictly object-oriented. For example, most Java programs contain classes, objects, and methods, which are assigned to individual classes. Java is more strict than C++.

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Achieve the Following Objectives Through This Course

  • Java programming language has the most jobs available in the programming world. There are hundreds of job opportunities in the Java programming language e.g. Java web developer Java webmaster Web software development Android developer Automation tester etc.

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Week 1

Welcome to the Java Programming course! In this course, you will learn how to code in an essential coding language known as Java.

This course requires 10-15 hours per week.

Please watch these videos to understand the basics of Java programming language.

Basics of Java:

Hello World Java (how to install the framework and start the programming. Please watch the set of these videos.):

I recommend to download Eclipse to code, so please watch the video to learn how to download Eclipse.





Learn on Java Variables



Week 2

Please take this course on Code Academy:



Please watch the following videos to learn about variables in Java and other basics.



Week 3

Please watch the following videos to learn about Java Math and Strings.



Please watch the following videos to learn about Java operators and If statements.



In the next few days, you will be doing your first Java project. This project is your choice to do. It can be as detailed as you would like. 

I have linked below websites that provide you project ideas, but please feel free to think of them on your own! Have fun coding. Read below and get started:





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