Convert Files & Make Money
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Convert Files & Make Money

File conversion is the process of taking a file of one format and changing it into another. This is especially handy since you may one day work with files which are not compatible with the different programs you need to use. This creates a huge opportunity for the freelancers to perform the file conversion for others and make money.

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  • This free course from will teach you how to make money by simply converting files from the comfort of your home. This is a very easy skill where you will learn all the basics of converting files.

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Week 1

Welcome to the Convert Files course! We will learn about how to convert computer files into different types. This is an essential skill in the technology industry and is required to know for most jobs.

This course will take 5-10 hours per week, so please plan accordingly.

Please watch this video if you are unfamiliar with files and how they are shared. This is a very interesting video to watch.



Please watch these videos to review file types. Also, please read the article.



Please watch these videos to learn how to convert a file to a fillable form.



Today you will learn how to convert a file to an eBook. Please watch the videos provided.



Week 2

Please watch these videos to learn how to convert files to editable files.



Please watch these videos to learn how to convert from file to file.




In this post, I want to detail how you can make money with the skills you have learned in this course. 

Websites such as Fiverr and Freelancer are looking for qualified candidates that can convert files for clients who do not have the time. With your skills, you can market yourself on this website to earn quick cash.

For a long term job, this skill will help you in the technology, business, and finance industry. Any desk job requires this skillset, so employers will look at your ability in this field.^323657221188^Keyword^fiverr^Placement^^Device^c&caid=731898203&agid=43879774452&ad_id=323657221188&kw=fiverr&lpcat=br_general&show_join=true&gclsrc=aw.ds&


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