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3D Printing

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. The process works by laying down thin layers of material in the form of liquid or powdered plastic, metal or cement, and then fusing the layers together. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, creates three-dimensional components from CAD models. It mimics the biological process, adding material layer by layer to create a physical part. With 3D printing, you can produce functional shapes, all while using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

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  • There are many different ways to make money through 3D Printing including the following: - Sell pre-made 3D prints on Etsy. - Offer specialized 3D printing. Game pieces Home decor Jewelry Figurines or action figures Chip clips Keyholders Device accessories Planters Combs Bottle openers Business cardholders Coasters Camera slider Measuring spoons Desk or paper trays Screwdrivers or other basic tools Water jugs or bottles - Start a 3D printing business in your local area. - Sell your 3D printing designs. - Start a YouTube Channel. - Sell an online 3D printing course. - Rent your 3D printer for events. - Sell your 3D printer.

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