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Tom Gerencer

Tom Gerencer is a career expert and CPRW who has written hundreds of high-traffic articles on job search topics. Tom has helped thousands of people recraft their resumes and get jobs and internships. He's a regular contributor to career site, as well as HP Tech Takes, Boys Life, and Scouting. Tom's book, Think Like Google is available now on Amazon, and his book, How It's Made for the Discovery Channel will hit shelves in 2021. Tom Gerencer is an ASJA content writer and editor for science, tech, business, and the outdoors. He's a regular contributor to HP Tech Takes and Boys' Life, with articles in The Boston Globe Magazine, Fast Company, Outdoor Life, and Costco Connection, and editing clients like Groupon,, and Adorama. Tom has written over 1,500 high-traffic articles with more than 70 million readers worldwide. Tom's book, "How It's Made," for the Discovery Channel, is due out in 2021. His book, "Think Like Google - Build SEO With Empathy" is now available on Amazon.